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Invest In People

We believe that people have strengths and that you must nurture them. When done correctly, employee training and development can provide an organization with a considerable return on investment.

That’s why MSSG Staffing believes in the power of Human Capital.  The return is there for you to harness. 


MSSG keeps open the lines of communication between clients, customers, and complimentary businesses to get projects done.

Expert Advisors

With over 30 years of combined experience in business, legal, and regulatory areas, MSSG members have the proven track record to advise and assist organizations for the challenges ahead.

Prompt Service

At MSSG, our believe is to work smarter and harder than anyone else. This is ingrained in our employees, contractors, and principals from day one.

Our Services


MSSG Staffing's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Analysts and Specialists have proven to be invaluable assets for agencies in reducing their backlog.

Document Review

We set the standard in consulting and Managed Review. With over 100% lawyers on our team, we know how important it is to get it right.


Get proven expertise on demand. Hire our administrative assistants at your organization to assist in the tasks that enables you more time to devote to urgent matters.

Bitcoin Consulting

Our client-centered approach means that our blockchain and crypto services are tailored to your needs and goals. We can get your organization bitcoin ready.

Certified Bitcoin Professionals

Our members are 100% certified and knowledgable about the Bitcoin blockchain, transactions, and how the network operates.  

Client Testimonials

MSSG members helped us to fulfill our prime contract for FOIA services. They were able to get the job done on time and on budget.
Gary B.
Bethesda, MD
We used MSSG staffing not just once, but twice in providing administrative and financial management services to support. They are excellent professionals.
Cindy B.
Washington, D.C.
MSSG Staffing was instrumental in ensuring our mission was a success. We awarded them a contract to help provide administrative support services for two locations.
Amy P.
Washington, D.C.

Reasons For Choosing MSSG Staffing

MSSG is Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small business.   

Managing members include veterans from Operation Enduring Freedom with tours in Afghanistan. 

The combined experience of MSSG Staffing’s managing members total over 30 years experience in business, law, and blockchain/crypto/Bitcoin to name a few

Managing members are 100% Certified Bitcoin Professionals.  In addition, several members are licensed to practice law in Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, and Washington, D.C.

MSSG Staffing has a proven track record being awarded the Prime Contractor for four contracts.  Information is available upon request.

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