Best Places to Find a Job Online

Over 20 years ago, using the internet for your job search was mostly for the technical savvy.  Today, with the maturity of the World Wide Web, there is no excuse for not taking advantage of this powerful tool.  Especially since recent studies have shown that nearly 48% of businesses do at least some of their recruiting using the internet.

Five ways of using the internet for job-related searches include:

  • Posting your resume online
  • Searching for job postings
  • Networking via social media sites
  • Researching potential employers
  • Discovering salary ranges for a particular job position

Using the Internet to Search for Jobs

There are over a million job openings posted online every year.  In fact, there are probably more openings online than you could possibly find by yourself outside of the internet.

Numerous employment sites, like this one, allow postings based on all types of professions, experience level, and in different industries.  Many of these sites are used by employers as well as those looking for a new job. 

However, because of the overabundance of sites, it’s hard to narrow down which sites are worthwhile and which lead you further down the job-search rabbit hole.  One method used to efficiently search for jobs online is narrowing your search to a specific category or niche.  Niche websites specialize in a specific industry tailored to a specific job seeker or recruiter.  By using these specific category sites, you won’t have to sort through voluminous job openings specific to your qualifications.  Another advantage to using these sites is that they are used by fewer people than the overall number of people searching randomly for work.  Fewer people equal less competition and a plus for those who use this method.

  • Some example niche websites include:
  • For Legal Professionals: Lawjobs (
  • For Computer/Tech Professionals: Dice (
  • For Accounting Professionals: Accounting Jobs Today (
  • For Human Resources HR/Staffing Professionals: Human Resources Jobs (

Not to be overlooked government agencies whether federal, state, or local, also lists jobs online.  Company-specific websites frequently post for jobs they are actively recruiting.  Many well-known search engines such as Bing, Duck Duck Go or Yahoo are valuable assets to use to find specific positions on corporate websites and government agencies.

Posting your Resume Online Using a Resume Bank

There are many large online databases that allow you to post your resume which is then accessed by recruiters and prospective employers.  The advantage of having a copy of your resume in a resume bank is that this allows employers actively seeking potential employees to see your credentials instead of submitting a resume directly to the organization.  For those worried about privacy, the resume bank allows you to leave any confidential and private information off of your submission and only provide an email address for a point of contact.

Resume banks are also on many job boards, so take your time to look around your frequented job sites to find the best options.  Resumes can be uploaded to the site for quick posting or you can cut and paste in a pre-designated box. 

For those job seekers who are more technically-savvy, you may also post your resume on your own hosted website.  By posting on a free personal website provided by your internet service provider (ISP) or, for a fee, on websites such as, allow you to show off your technical capabilities to potential employers. 

Networking to Find a Job

One of the most successful ways to find a new job is through networking.  Personal relationships often lead opportunities that you might not be aware of.  The internet provides many opportunities to network with other job seekers.  Professional journals, online forums, blogs, and newsgroups allow you to reach out to other professionals who are able to steer you in the right direction.  You might even find a person who can help guide you in the development of your career. 

Researching Potential Companies

Conducting research on a specific company that interests you is easier when using the World Wide Web.  Companies from McDonaldsStarbucks, and Krogers use specific websites in gathering resumes from potential employees.  Search engines constantly roam the web looking at company websites and corporate web pages and provide information found that may be highly relevant to your search for employment.   The internet can be used to research a corporation’s products and services, competitors, financial information and history.

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